HI! 👋🏻👋🏻

I am back with a new outfit and make-up that well fits to today’s exhibition schedule! : )

I really do love arts, so I visit art museums as often as possible!
As for today, I visited the HI POP Exhibition held in Seoul! YAY 😆

But before I introduce today’s hot place, let’s first decide today’s outfit and make-up !


I always choose my outfit that matches well to the certain occasion I will be involved in!
And definitely it should be what I really want to wear!

To satisfy the two, self-conversation is a must to do.

(♥️) As I am attending a POP ART exhibition, a vivid color outfit should be good!
 S Okay! I do know the perfect one ! : )


:: Today’s Pick ::

Tomboy _ Long Coat (Dark Purple)
Leshop _ Angora Sweater (Hot Pink)
8Seconds _ Boots Cut Jeans (Black)
Ventoroso _ Short Boots (Black)
Marc Jacobs _ Leather Body Cross Bag (Black)
N.A. _ Long Muffler (Dark Brown)

:: Soyi’s Comment ::

The vivid color outfit I picked is the hot pink angora sweater from Leshop !_!

I bought this sweater like 5 years ago, but it is indeed still good in shape! : ) This sweater is in fact one of my favorites, as it helps keep me warm and cozy and it also matches good to any outfit! It goes well not only with black jeans, but also ivory pants, blue jeans and even black dresses. Maybe I should show you guys all of these looks soon!

However, drawbacks do exist. The fur falls out so easily. So whenever I wear this sweater with my coat, my coat was full of hot pink fur. lol Nevertheless I am still loving it!

To make this angora sweater pop up, I matched the rest with a dark color. Plus, as I do love to go for a comfy outfit on museum days, I wore my boots cut jeans and short boots with my Marc Jacobs leather body cross bag. This is simply because I do not want to be distracted when appreciating. ★

(FYI, the long muffler was bought in a market that did not have a certain brand. So I could not mention it. )


(The key outfits of today’s look was purchased long ago that I was no longer available to find the same one! Instead, I posted a similar one that could help you guys out!)

Hot Pink Angora Sweater, Marc Jacobs Black Leather Cross Bag

Now, let’s move on to make-up! = )


No exceptions for make-up! Self-conversation should be done at the first place!

So I asked the inner side of me and was replied as,
(♥) The make-up should be consistent to today’s look!
S Then let’s put on a hot pink lipstick and make the rest natural as possible!


:: Today’s Pick ::

The Saem _ Eco Soul Essence Cushion All Cover (No.21)
The Saem _ Mineralizing Creamy Concealer (No. 1.25)
Innisfree _ No Sebum Mineral Powder

Innisfree _ Matte Shadow (M19)
Innisfree _ Skinny Micro Liner (No.5)
Tonymoly _ Inked Lasting Mascara (No.2)

Innisfree _ Auto Eyebrow Pencil (No.6)

Victoria Secret _ Velvet Matte Cream Lip Stain (Love)
Son & Park _ All Day Color Lipstick (No.5)

:: Soyi’s Comment ::

Today, I decided to focus on the lip!

As I really wanted my make-up to be consistent to my outfit, I decided to apply a hot pink color lipstick. Actually I mixed two products : Victoria Secret and Son & Park. The All Day Color Lipstick was a hot pink color. Unfortunately, it did not really match with my sweater (every hot pink is not the same one!), so I decided to apply the Victoria Secret’s Velvet Matte Cream Lip Stain, color LOVE in the inner side of my lips.

The rest went natural as possible! The reason is simple! Like always, everything is about “balancing”. So I just simply spread Innisfree’s My Palette Shadow M19 over my eyelids.
And also used the shadow when contouring my nose. As the color is not that dark, I was able to get the natural look! Good choice, I guess!
If you are into natural looks, this shadow could be one to consider! : ) ★


Victoria Secret Velvet Matte Cream Lip Stain ( LOVE ), Son&Park All Day Color Lipstick (No.5)

Now DONE! Finally off I go to today’s hot place! : )


들어가기 전

Today’s Exhibition was all about “POP ART”.
I am in love with POP ART, especially because of the vivid color.

But what really made me visit today’s exhibition was that all of my favorite artists collections (Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Indiana, Keith Haring, Robert Rauschenberg) were displayed! So I really could not miss the show! : )

하이팝 전시

Comments of today’s exhibition is that it had its own special points, which was good.
It could be summarized as two: the interior and the new activity.

First, interior!
The interior and design mostly corresponded to the artists’ art pieces!
So I was able to focus more on the artist’s philosophy, art apiece just everything.

See for yourself! : )

전시장 속속1



For Roy Lichtenstein,
spotted the vivid color, the dots were the main interior design through the hallway!

Same for Keith Haring era.
By considering, the story of Keith Haring the interior just looked like
the “New York Subway Station”!

키스헤링 입장 전




In terms of Andy Warhol, there were tons of banana!


바나나 포토 존



And of course all of his famous work piece that was kind of modern.

작품5나랑 작품
And here comes one of my favorite photo, in front of the Campbell. : )
I really enjoyed eating Campbell when I was like in Kindergarten.
I still can’t miss the delicious taste that kept made me smile when taking a photo. lol ★

The other special part is the silk screen printing factory!
I was able to print my own eco bag!

Here are some samples you would like to check out!

에코 백 만들기!

I was able to choose the bag color, among black, ivory or white!
And then the image I wanted to print! (It took me days to the pick the one! lol)

If you are done selecting, now it is time to print!

Honestly, it did only take about 5 minutes, but I had to put all of my effort or should I say strength to get be done pefectly. That is indeed the tough part. lol

Thanks to my effort, my eco bag was perfect! Love it : ) ★



So that was the end of today’s hot place!
Hope you guys enjoyed it!

When people ask about happiness, I say it starts from you.
And that is exactly what I am trying to deliver, through my post.

Just do what you like, just wear what you want, just go for the make-up you want to do!
Some may judge you negatively, but you will still feel the joy through out it like me. : )

So let’s just embrace who we are, which is the most invaluable true beauty. ★

With Love  Soyi xoxo



HI Guys! : )

Today I brought a new pick, which I believe you will find it interesting!

Today’s Pick:

제품이랑 패키지

TREEANNSEA Desert Rose Serum
(30ml / 37,000 won)

Just to mention, today’s post includes an ad! I was actually asked to do a review on this product! As soon as I realized that this product is a high quality product, I decided to introduce it in Soyi’s pick, especially for dry and oily skin!

If you are interested, keep watching! 🙂

But before we go on, let me first briefly introduce the brand!

Treeannsea is a hotel, airline amenity Korean beauty brand. And its concept came from a girl named Ann born in the land and sea.

A place where the land meets the sea. There, from the foam of waves, a girl named Ann was born. Land and sea carefully looked after the delicate girl to grow into a beautiful woman. The girl became more and more beautiful under tender love of land and sea. Land gave her delightful floral fragrance and sea gave her skin as smooth and white as pearls. The place where beauty grows in the harmony of land and sea. It is called TREEANNSEA.

In Korea, it is called as a “stewardess cosmetic”, as Korean stewardess do use the product, and love it! Indeed no exceptions for today’s pick!


Then let’s move on to the details!

First, package.

I found the package quite interesting!


Instead of being really fancy, it had an illustration of a desert and camel. Worthy enough, as it clearly delivers their key message: the secret of retaining moisture in the desert.

패키지2 클로즈업

Also I was able to check out that they are cruelty free and eco-friendly as well! Wow.

Now comes the product!

제품 손에 들고

Handy and not even heavy that you can easily carry it wherever you go!
What’s so good about the package is that it has a transparent cap!

뚜껑 빼구 ㅎㅎ

So you can easily manage your product in a sanitary way, even when you are traveling or going to the fitness club etc.
Super duper great! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

It is a pumping style, which makes it easy to use.

펌프 형식

As for me, I recommend you guys to pump just like 2~3 times!

Now let’s get more into this product!

Desert ROSE Serum contains some Desert Rose that helps moisturize your skin!!
( Sorry but I could not find the exact percentage! 😦 )

Just by considering its name, I bet most of you will believe that it would smell like a rose! Well, not really. I could hardly feel the scent! So if you are quite sensitive to scent, I believe you will like this product!

The texture is a bit watery, as you can tell by the photo.


I first just dropped some serum on the back of my hand.

After like 10 seconds,


when I was struggling with my camera, the serum was going across my hand.
Proves to be a bit watery.

However it is also a bit condensed at some point that it feels like a bit of soften version jelly. In other words, the texture is like between the two.
(You can check this part via the video posted at the end of the post!)

My favorite part of this serum is that it gets highly absorbed to my skin!


So it was not even sticky or oily, but did gave some dewy finish.

To prove it, I compared it with another serum which I was using these days!
Before you see the photos, keep in mind that the competitor’s serum is a bit oily.

To check the sticky and highly absorbed part, I got some help from the scrap papers!

The process went like this: After applying the serum on the back of my hand, I placed the scrap paper right on top. Then I flipped my hand twice to see how many scrap papers were left on my hand.

The result as shown,

유분테스트 결과 비교샷

With no surprise,
none of the scrap paper sticked on my hand that had the Desert Rose Serum!

Next for the oiliness, I used the oil control paper!

After applying the serum on the back of my hand, I placed the oil control paper and pressed it to get more of the oil from each serum.

As a result,

오일리함 비교삿

Surprisingly, the oil control paper for the desert rose serum was so clean. It had really no oil stain left. I was really surprised by that! It looks like brand new! lol

However, the competitor’s serum had so much of oil stain that easily helps us to acknowledge that the Desert Rose Serum is really not oily!

As a whole, the Desert Rose Serum is a highly absorbed cosmetic that possess less of oil!



Now time to make up our decision!

“Buy it or not?”

I ended up as : recommend to buy it for dry skin or oily skin people.

There are two reasons to support my thought:
it 1) possess less oil but more hydration! and 2) helps get the healthy glow!

1 Less oil but more hydration

What I like most of this product is that it contains less oil, but still helps get moisturized. This was easily proved by the oiliness test! Right?

기름 테스트 비교샷

The hydration level is high enough to use it during the winter season,
so I believe it will work out good for dry or oily skin people.
(I really recommend it to oily skin people!)

For extreme dry skin people, don’t be so disappointed!
You are also welcomed to use it!
But I would like to add one comment to layer twice when using it because it absorbs fast!


2 Healthy glow? You got it!

Lately, I am interested in the healthy face look!
Fortunately, I was able to catch that glow after applying the Desert Rose Serum! YAY!

Let’s see how this works out!

세럼 바르는 중

세럼바른 후

If it is hard to tell, try to compare between before and after.

세럼바르기 전이랑 바르고나서 비교삿1

Can you now tell the difference?

Apparently, after applying the serum, my face had more of the glow and looked more hydrated!

In fact, according to Treeannsea, the Rose Serum contains the mineral component extracted from Canada’s glacial water, which is the key point that helps your skin to look healthy : )

Love it!



As a conclusion,
the Desert Rose Serum from Treeannsea is selected to be one of Soyi’s pick!

If you are interested in purchasing, click on the below link!


And before I end, I also attached the video link that shows not only the texture but also the package and application! If you are interested, just click the play button ㅋ_ㅋ.
Tips for watching the video is turn up your volume and just enjoy 🙂


So that is the end of today’s post!
I hope you loved my post! And do not forget to leave a comment!
Thank You 🙂

Xoxo SOYI ㅋ_ㅋ

Innisfree Orchid Intense Cream good pick for a night care cream!

Welcome back to Soyi Collection!
Today I would like to introduce a new pick : Innisfree Orchid Intense Cream.

인텐스 한란 크림 안Innisfree Orchid Intense Cream (50ml, 28,000 won)

Like always, a self-conversation goes first:
(♥) If the skin cells go into a regeneration mode during the night, I might need to distinguish my creams into a “night care cream” and “daily cream”.
S : Yeah! Then I should better find a cream that helps moisture my skin, during the night!

I have been looking for my perfect pick, and ended up purchasing Innisfree’s product!

Innisfree is a Korean Beauty brand, which is recognizable as an “eco-friendly brand”. Usually eco-friendly brands are really expensive, but there are exceptions.
In terms of Innisfree, the price is really cheap and reasonable, but surprisingly even the quality is good! So I have been loving their products lately.

Innisfree carries various lines that can help care all sorts of skin types. If your skin is dry like me, Orchid line is one to consider! Not to mention, Orchid line also functions for anti-aging! So, I believed it would definitely be good for night care, that I decided to make a purchase!

BTW, purchase was made special, by participating the Snoopy Orchid Lucky Box Event! ★

| Snoopy Orchid Lucky Box Event

I thought you guys will wonder what the Snoopy Orchid Lucky Box Event is,
 so I’d like to briefly introduce it before I move on.

Innisfree launched an event for people to get one of the famous two orchid creams (i.e. Orchid Enriched Cream / Orchid Intense Cream) at a more reasonable price by offering one orchid line product for free.

What makes this box so lucky is that no one knows which product you will get for free!

But at least they notified that the random product will be among
Orchid Enriched Essence / Orchid Fluid / Orchid Eye Cream / Orchid Gel Cream /
Orchid Sleeping Mask.

럭키박스 디자인2The Snoopy Orchid Lucky Box looks like this! As I picked the Orchid Intense Cream, my lucky box’s color is dark purple. But if I picked the Orchid Enriched Cream, it would rather be light purple! =)

럭키박스 디자인1럭키박스 디자인3As shown, the cute design was all over the box! ☆.☆

럭키박스 안1And now let’s see what’s in the box!
럭키박스 안I had one Orchid Intense Cream, and the Orchid Fluid (the random product), which I did not try yet. Also, I got two packages of cotton pads. YAY
I believe I was lucky enough to get the Orchid Fluid, as it is Innisfree’s new arrival.
(I hope it will soon be listed in Soyi’s Pick!)

FYI) You can also join the event as it is available online! But you should hurry up, before it gets sold out! ★ (LINK: LUCKY BOX EVENT (INTENSE), LUCKY BOX (ENRICHED))

|Product Review

Now, let’s go back to the review chapter.

First the scent of the Orchid Intense Cream is a floral scent.
I am quite sensitive about scents, but it was not that too much.
I actually just got used to it which I believe the scent is not that strong!

인텐스 한란 크림

Second, the product is a jar type instead of a pumping type.
Contary to other people, I like jar type cosmetics. It may be convenient to use a pumping type. However, when you are almost done with your product, it gets really tough to use all of your cosmetic.. So like sometimes, even though you spot some lotions in the bottle you can hardly reach it! I really hate those kinds of situation. However, the Orchid Intense Cream is a jar type that it is more good to use, and it will also be easy to finish as clean as possible.

Now let’s go in more detail by comparing the two:
the Orchid Intense Cream and  the Orchid Enriched Cream!
According to Innisfree,  the Orchid Intense Cream is for people whose skin is extremely dry, and the Orchid Enriched Cream is for people whose skin is dry but not that extreme.


However, I also like to consider the texture and how much oil the product contains before purchasing! So I checked those points as well!

한란 크림 둘 비교 샷 1

First comparison is about the texture. In terms of the Orchid Enriched Cream, the texture is a bit watery and is similar to facial creams like usual. However, the Orchid Intense Cream is a bit thick and condensed.
한란 크림 둘 비교 샷 2

Second comparison is checking the oiliness.
You can easily tell that the Orchid Enriched Cream has more of the glow and oil
compared to the Orchid Intense Cream. I say the Orchid Intense Cream is a more fast -absorbing cream.

유분기 테스트 비교샷 3

Third comparison is the stickiness. It turns out that the Innisfree Orchid Intense Cream is not that much sticky by only having one scrap paper left on the back of my hand.
(FYI, after applying the cream I simply put all of the scrap paper on the back of my hand and once flipped it to see how many of the scrap paper were still sticked to my hand!)

As a summary, the Orchid Intense Cream is condensed and not even oily. ★


|Investment Points

So now comes the most difficult question:
Do you think the product is worth to buy?

Actually I am not the person to say, “yes, you should buy it!”.
I am just here to help you by sharing some good information and giving some advices!

Instead you should go back to the self conversation!
Ask yourself how you feel after applying the product or
whether the product itself corresponds to the key features you consider most.

As for me, I concluded as it is indeed a reasonable purchase!
Two reasons to support my thought:
1)  Well functions in moisturizing and 2) Lifts up my skin for sure!

1Well functions moisturizing

As my skin is dry, I really care about moisturizing! And there are definitely no exceptions for my night care cream. As the skin cells regenerate during the night, people find anti-aging the most important part. However, I still put priority on hydration!

발랐을 때 느낌!

A  : Skin after applying skin / A’ : A close up version after applying skin
B: Skin after applying cream / B’ : A close up version after applying cream

Do you see the difference? After applying the cream, my skin got much hydrated!

Just to add more, my first impression after using this cream is that the whole nutrients are well absorbed to my skin. So that is why I did not have to confront that much of oil on my face, which made me love this product.

Also, after using this product, I never felt my skin so dry even when I was outside thesedays(winter season) or I was inside a really dry condition room. Regarding the whole experiences, I got the strong belief that my night care routine is well on track! ★

2 Lift up my skin for sure!

It was really hard to prove it through a photo or video, that I rather would like to put it into my words! (Honest words!)
I really felt that my skin was getting lifted up, that I was really surprised by the result.
This sure happens when you especially use a condensed cream, and same for the Orchid Intense Cream that I was really happy about! ★


If you are looking for a good night care cream that could be purchased at a reasonable price or if you are looking for a cream that is highly condensed and contains less of oil,
I would highly recommend you to purchase the Orchid Intense Cream, with no doubt!

I bet you will be really surprised by the quality, and will also love it!

So that is the end of Soyi’s Pick! I hope you liked it 🙂
If you do have any questions or would like to know more of Innisfree or its product,
feel free to leave a comment! I would like to communicate with you guys!

BTW what night care cream do you use? I would like to know!

Jan.10 2018
xoxo Soyi ㅋ_ㅋ

Tomboy Style, today’s pick for JSM Beauty’s Make-Up Show

Hi guys,
Welcome back to Soyi Collection!

I just brought an exciting story of about a recent make-up show!

Do you guys like to watch a make-up show?
I love to go and watch make-up shows because it helps me to be on track with this year’s make-up trends and get inspired by new make-ups. 🙂

But what makes me more excited about today is that one of my favorite Korean brands, JSM BEAUTY, is holding the make-up show! yay!

I was informed via Instagram, and thankfully able to make it!

인스타 수정

I heard that JSM Beauty just opened a new store in Lotte Department Store which is also where today’s make-up show was held. (Near Myung Dong!)
So I thought it would be a great chance to look around the store for you guys, and summarize some crucial points from the make-up show!

But before that, let’s first get dressed up!

let’s always ask ourselves what kind of style or attitude we are thinking of!
I believe this part is really important if you are trying hard to find your own style!

So, the conversation may go like this:
(♥) I was thinking of a tomboy style look which will be super comfy for me to focus on the make-up show for good!
S Great! Then I know the perfect look for that!


|Outfit Of Today


Just to make sure, I was not able to take a photo of the whole look. Hope you guys understand!

:: Today’s Pick ::

#Nobis _ Long Jacket (Navy)
#Tomboy _ Vest Sweater (Navy)
#g-cut _ Stripe Shirt (Gray)
#Eightseconds _ Skinny Jeans (Black)
#Gioandsamantha _ Long Boots (Black)
#MuveilxTomgreyhound _ Grandma Shopper Bag (Black)

:: Soyi’s Comment ::

My pick for the tomboy style is the combination of the turtle neck vest sweater and stripe shirt. I just believed that the tomboy style has to be somewhat “casual”, so I paired the stripe shirt with the turtle neck vest sweater! Under my belief, when you are about to wear a vest sweater, the inner shirt defines the whole concept of that outfit. Imagine I match a white shirt with this vest sweater, the look will be much formal, which is indeed not today’s taste. This,with no doubt, casual stripe shirt was the right pick for today.

Actually this turtle neck vest sweater is one of my favorite! (I am actually planning to introduce it in my fashion pick section!) It is warm and cozy thanks to the turtle neck style and long length. But that is not all! It also matches good with other styles! I will prove it soon!

For the bottoms, I went with the skinny fit for my jeans and boots!
The reason is simple: fashion is all about “balancing”.

Last touch goes with my shopper bag and Nobis long jacket. When I am out for work, I like to make my hands empty as possible, so my shopper bag always goes with me. I got this bag as a gift from Hyundai Department Store’s event! Unfortunatley, as this event is over, you will not be able to find the same one. But still plenty of other shopper bags are in the market, so you can afford one that is your taste! Last but not least, my Nobis long jacket is always my pick when the weather is so cold that I could hardly bear it!  It is quite expensive but really worth it! =) ★

Fashion Links | Nobis Long Jacket, Tomboy Turtle Neck Vest Sweater

|Make-Up of Today

나 ㅋ_ㅋ

Before I introduce today’s make-up, the self conversation always goes first!
(♥) I am in the mood of popping up my eyes with a bit dark shadow!
S Right! My make-up was so nudy these days! It is indeed good to make some changes!

:: Today’s Pick ::

Base Make-Up|
#Makeupforever _ HD Foundation (N117)
#Thesaem _ Mineralizing Creamy Concealr (No. 1.25)
#Thesaem _ Eco Soul Contour Palette
#Lauramercier _ Loose Setting Powder

Point Make-Up|
#Innisfree _ My Palette Shadow (M19)
#Thesaem _ Eye Paint (04 Cooper Tan)
#Thesaem _ Saemmul Single Shadow (M Dark Choco)
#Maybellinenewyork _ The Magnum Volume Express Mascara
#Thesaem _  Eco Soul Powerproof Super Slim Eyeliner (Black)
#Innisfree _ Auto Eyebrow Pencil (No. 6)
#Naturerepublic _ Botanical Stick Highlighter (No. 1)
#elfcosmetics _ Cream Blush Palette (Dry Rose)
#Thesaem _ Saemmul Mousse Candy Tint (No.07)

:: Soyi’s Comments ::

Today’s make-up is mostly focused on the eyes! Two chapters will be covered:
1) Make the beauty line pop-up! , 2)  A natural eye contouring .

First is the beauty line. My beauty line is concealed, that is hardly to be spotted. However good news is that there are some magical make-up techniques to make your beauty line pop up!
Here goes the technique:
Dug down a bit, then you will be able to see the beauty line!
Then trace it by a brown shadow.
(If you want to look natural, choose a brown shadow that is close to your skin tone!)
Afterwards, apply the concealer where it should pop-up! Finally, spotted your beauty line! 

It is indeed good for people who wants to look young or have a big eye! 🙂

Next chapter, natural eye contouring. I first contoured my eyes with a light brown shade, (lately my fav.) the Innisfree my palette eye shadow M19, to avoid excessiveness. Then, as I wanted to put more of the dark shadow today, I applied a dark brown shadow (The Saem saemmul single shadow, Dark Choco) in the front and end of my eyes. Simply by just rolling the brush! (BTW, this technique helps your eyes to widen up.) Plus, I added some orange cream shadow (The Saem Eye Paint) to avoid the dullness. Special points about this eye paint is that it helps you get the orange and goldish glow at once. ★

Beauty Links | The Saem Eye Paint (Cooper Tan)The Saem Saemmul Single Shadow (Dark Choco)

Okay, all set! Now let’s check out the JSM BEAUTY store.

|Today’s Hot Place

정샘물 매장1

I arrived a bit early, to watch the make-up show as close as possible. (In fact I did!)
On my way to the store, one staff gave me this pamphlet, which was like an invitation to come and visit the store! Regarding the hints from the pamphlet, I was able to catch JSM beauty’s January make-up concept: “fairy glow”. Maybe that was why the whole make-up during the show had that much of glow. lol

정샘물 매장2The store was not that big, as much of the Garosugil store. But, size really does not matter! They still had the edgy style of JSM Beauty, and all of the products as well!

정샘물 매장4

See for yourself!
What I like most of JSM Beauty is the colors! The colors are really unique, and the brand and products do have their own color that makes the brand valuable.

Almost ten minutes before the show, Jung Saem Mool was shooting an insta live video with her followers . I was also shown and introduced to her followers. How lucky am I!

출연 수정Here I am with a big smile! =) lol ㅋ-ㅋ

And now show time!
Today’s make-up was all about “Yeo Shin(여신, 女神) “, a word used to express a really beautiful woman in Korea.

The products used for the make-up were:
Skin Nuder Cushion (Red Edition)
JSM Essential Cheek Blush (Indy Pink)
Artist Glow Touch (Pink)
Refining Liner and Mascara (Glitter White)
High Color Lipstick (Glow Beige)
High Tinted Lip Lacquer Glaze (Cyrstal)

정샘물 매장5The whole point of this make-up was
using a minimum of products to get the beautiful look.
Specifically, she used the blush as an eyeshadow, contouring and etc.

But what most caught my eyes was the “refining liner and mascara”. It was in fact the main product to catch the glow of today’s look! The interesting part is that the product  helps your eyelashes to look more long and shimmering. I tried it on my own, and yes indeed caught the difference. Thus, made one purchase.

정샘물 제품

I bought the gold glitter,as my personal tone was warm. I may try it out and show you guys the dramatic difference soon! =)

BTW, if you are interested in the Yeo Shin Make-up, you can check out the live video that is posted in the JSM BEAUTY Instagram account.
(Link: https://www.instagram.com/jsmbeauty_/)

So that is the end of today’s schedule! I really had an enjoyable day thanks to the show and also the make-up and outfit I wore. Like always, I believe make-up and outfit is like the small touch that helps me feel more fit to the special occassion I am just about to experience!

I hope you guys enjoyed the look and store tour! If you have some questions let me know for sure! I am always here to help you guys!

BTW, what is your favorite Korean Beauty Brand? I would like to know =)

xoxo Jan.07 2018 Soyi.

Styled up chic for Chicor, K-Beauty’s Hot Place


Welcome to Soyi Collection =)

Today is THE DAY I visit the K-beauty’s hot place, Chicor.

If you are looking for high-end beauty products for point make-up, skin care or hair care, Chicor is the right place to go!  What makes this place so popular is that you can easily compare various beauty products all at once. Plus, none of the staffs are keeping an eye on you when you are shopping! (What I like most!)

News for Chicor is that they just opened a new flagship store in Gangnam!
The interior was super cute and stylish that I scheduled my visit!

And as today is the day, it is time to get dressed up!
Before I start, I always take a moment to ask myself what I have in mind.

So the conversation goes like :
(♥) As we are going to the beauty wonderland, why don’t I go for the chic style!
S : Checked for a chic style! Then today’s outfit concept will be all black!


인증샷3 (수정)


:: Today’s Pick ::

#Tomboy _ Long Coat (Dark Purple)
#Eightseconds _ Glittered Sweater (Black)
#Eightseconds _ Skinny Jean (Black)
#Gioandsamantha _ Long Boots (Black)
#Eightseconds _ Mini Bag (Black)
#Elle _ Fur Muffler (Black)

::Soyi’s Comment::

Soyi’s Fashion Philosophy:
Wear what you like! Ask yourself first what you would like to wear!

Fashion is all about you! That is why I keep asking myself what look I pursue, or maybe a specific color that I have in mind and etc. And today I chose to go for the chic style.

One brand that may have caught your eyes will be Eightseconds!
Eightseconds is one Korean spa brand that is my favorite. I believe both the quality and price are reasonable enough, that almost 70% of my clothes are from this brand. lol
And here comes one of my favorite glittered sweater. I recently bought it, which in fact surprised me by the quality. Usually, if it is like a glittered T-shirt or sweater, it only looks good in appearance. But not for this one. It is really warm and cozy that I highly recommend it to people who are obsessed with glitter outfits, just like me. =)

Next goes the boots. When you are trying to pursue the chic style, boots is a good choice. As for me I went with the long boots. Well, as the sweater is not a skinny fit, the bottom needs to go with a skinny style. Remember guys, fashion is all about balancing! With no doubt, that is why I matched with a skinny jean and long boots.

Last but not least is my mini bag. Regarding the glittered sweater and the whole party atmosphere of the Chicor store, I was right in the mood  to party! YAY So I thought matching with a mini bag was a good choice to make. BTW, this mini bag is also from the Eightseconds brand which is a good pick when you are especially on your date! x)

Fashion Links | EightSeconds Glitter Sweater, Eightseconds Mini Bag



나 ㅋ_ㅋ (수정)


:: Today’s Pick ::

Base Make-Up |

#Nars _ Velvet Matte Skin Tint (Light 3)
#Thesaem _ Mineralizing Creamy Concealer (No. 1.5)
#Innisfree _ No Sebum Mineral Powder

Point Make-Up |

#Urbandecay _Naked Palette 1
#Thesaem _ Eco Soul Powerproof Mega Slim Liner (02 Deep Brown)
#Tonymoly _Inked Lasting Mascara (02 Lash)
#Thefaceshop _ Browlasting Waterproof Pencil (Brown)
#Nars _ Sex Appeal Blush
#Giorgioarmani _ Lip Magnet (No. 400)

:: Soyi’s Comment ::

Same conversation goes on before I do my make-up:

(♥) Consistent to the outfit, the make-up should be some what chic!
S: Checked! Then let’s use a high pigmented shadow to make the look chic as possible.

My eyelids are kind of rolled up that I always face an ironic situation :
 No matter what make-up technique I use, I just look the same.

So I am kind of picky on the product I am about to use. I mean every brown shadow is not the same brown, at least for me.

For a chic style, I like to use the urban decay naked palette. As known, the shadow is really pigmented that it really helps me to get the strong, chic look. That I have been loving it since my purchase.

And for today, I first applied the buck shadow all over my eyelids and then gave some dark shades by using the smog shadow! If you are a double eyelid like me, I recommend you to apply the smog shadow both on the top and bottom of your eyes. Then your look will be much more dramatic than before!

Last is all about lipstick! My favorite part actually. I believe red represents the chic style, that I decided to go with Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet No. 400. Just to avoid too much of lipstick, I did some gradation. Steps are 1) apply lip balm first and then 2) apply the lip magnet only in the middle of my lip. Then you will just have the gradation lip easily.


Beauty Links | Urban Decay Naked Palette, Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet 400



All set! Now off we go to the hot place!




시코르 매장


Here’s how it looks when you just enter CHICOR!
There are a total of three levels, and each level information is as follows:

2F: Skin Care Products
1F: Point Make-up, Beauty Tools and Nail Products
B1 F: Hair Care Products and Photo Zone

As soon as I entered the Chicor Flagship store, I tested some of the products I am really into these days like Makeupforever Stick Foundation and 3CE lipstick etc. The testing process went over and over again, which is the fun part!

While looking around, I spotted two interesting things:
1) cute signs and 2) a kiosk machine.

센스 문구

Chicor just pasted some stickers that are written really cute.
For instance, in order to make consumers buy it,
they posted a sticker saying you will get prettier if you take this!
or when it is sold out,
the sticker is written as you should have better came earlier.. and etc.

Cute isn’t?

Next, the kiosk machine!

Its main function?
Definitely recommending their best products or giving a chance to take a photo!


If you are having some trouble finding the right product for you, you can take the kiosk’s advice from now. Helpful, indeed!

Finally the basement floor!

지하 1층으로


When heading to the basement floor, you may spot this cute interior! Actually I was attracted by the interior and it motivated me to come and visit. lol

There are two reasons for you to visit the basement floor.
One is to purchase a hair care product, and second is to get an awesome photo shoot.


I tried my best to pose and reflect the chic style, as it is today’s theme!
Unfortunately, I could not stop laughing, thus ended up as a failure.
Nevertheless it was indeed a fun moment 🙂

Okay, folks! How was the store tour and the look for today?
Hope you guys enjoyed today’s post!

If you do have some questions about K-Beauty, feel free to leave a comment!
I’ll do my best to help you guys out!

Then see you in my next post!
xoxo Jan.03 2018 Soyi ㅋ_ㅋ

Vintage Style with Benetton’s New Arrival Cardigan ෆ ෆ

Hi Guys!
Happy New Year!🎉🎉

Now time to get dressed up!

I always question myself,  what do I want to wear?
Asking a question is the start of getting dressed by my own style.

Honestly, there are tons of clothes that I would like to wear. (I do really love clothes ♡) But in order to fit more to the occasion, I recommend you to wear it by today’s theme.
The theme could be defined by the schedule I am about to participate or like where I am going to go or like the kind of attitude that I will be pursuing as a whole.

:: Today Summary ::
get some fresh air / blogging / let’s be active

Thus, I concluded to find a really comfy outfit that is stylish as well.
Defined as a vintage style.


| Outfit of Today


:: Today’s Pick ::

#Tomboy _ Long Coat (Dark Purple)
#Benetton _ Long Cardigan (Mixture of pink, brown, yellow and green)
#Leshop _ Turtle Neck (Beige)
#Buckaroo _ Jeans (Blue)
#Venturoso _ Short Boots (Black)
#MuveilxTomGreyhound _ Grandma Shopper Bag (Black)

:: Soyi’s Comment ::

The long cardigan I just picked tells everything about vintage. It is actually Benetton’s Spring Collection new arrival, which I got it as a present from my santa ♥♥ (Thank you Santa) It is really long and even warm. What makes it so vintage is the color and patterns. If you love vintage style, this cardigan is a good choice to consider! =)

In line with the vintage style, I matched a beige turtle neck. The cardigan itself was more to the warm tone that made me to match with a warm tone turtle neck. Simple 🙂

Blue jeans are my pick as for today. Well, I first matched with a white color pant. But it was not the style I was looking for. I mean it does go well, but I looked quite mature which was way far to the “let’s be active” attitude! Therefore with the consideration of my to-be attitude, I wore my blue skinny jeans.

Okay now comes the “Soyi’s Balancing Fashion Philosophy”.  I insist everything is about “balancing”, and there is no exception for fashion. Thus, I paired with the dark color coat, boots and bag to finish today’s vintage look. (FYI, I always carry that shopper bag along with me when I am off to work 🙂 Really comfy!!) ෆ


Link | Benetton Long Cardigan


|Make-up of Today



:: Today’s Pick ::

Base Make-Up|

#Nars _ Velvet Matte Skin Tint (Light 3)
#Thesaem _ Mineralizing Creamy Concealer (No. 1.5)
#Lauramercier _ Loose Setting Powder

Point Make-up|
#Innisfree _ My Palette Shadow (M19)
#Mac _ Burgundy Times Nine
#Thesaem _ Powerproof Super Slim Eyeliner (Night Black)
#Mabellinenewyork _ Magnum Volume Express Mascara
#Thefaceshop _ Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil (Brown)
#Fentybeauty _ Killawatt Highlighter (Girl Next Door / Chic Phreak)
#Makeupforever _ Artist Rouge Matte (M102)

:: Soyi’s Comment ::

Another beauty philosophy:

“Make-up is the final touch of every look”.

I like to do my make-up consistent to my outfit. So the cycle always goes like this:
ask myself what I have in mind- wear the outfit that is in my mind – get some inspiration from my point outfit – do the inspired make-up!

As my point outfit for today, the long vintage cardigan, has some pink in it, I decided to put on a purplish make-up. 💜💜

Honestly, I always struggled doing the purplish make-up.
Simply because my personal tone is warm. lol
However, that did not really stop me to do the make-up I really want. I always believe that there will be a way to have the perfect make-up for me. So I put a lot of  effort to the find the perfect fit. By the trial and error, hopefully I got the hang of it!

Tips are 1) slightly give a point with the purple shadows in the middle of my eyelids and edge of my eyes, and 2) always use the warm tone shadow as a base. And that is exactly what I did for today’s make-up. I first applied the Innisfree M19 shadow as a base shadow and then used the Mac Burgundy Times Nine purple shadow to give the purple points. Never does the mixture of the warm and cool tone goes wrong.

Last but not least, lipstick!💄 I put on the makeup forever artist rouge matte lipstick, color dry rose. This color (m102) is highly recommended to people who pursue the chic style, just like me! (It is in fact one of my faves.)


Link | Mac Burgundy Times Nine Makeup Forever Artist Rouge Matte M102


So that is the end of today’s look!🙌🏻🙌🏻

Like always, every one has its own beauty and pursuing it is the start of true beauty.

What we need first is getting a chance to know who we are by looking in the mirror or asking yourself what is in your mind.
If you get to know more of you, you will be able to show the real you who is invaluable.

BTW what do you like to wear when you are doing your blogging! I’d love to know!

xoxo Jan.02 2018 Soyi ㅋ_ㅋ

Feeling Dry? Then try out the Lip Bomb from Belif Cosmetic ෆෆ

Hi guys!

Welcome to Soyi Collection 🙌🏻🙌🏻

Lately, I am in the mood of MOISTURIZING”.
Every time I go out, I just keep get the signal that
my eyes, skin and even my lip are so dry!

So I’ve been looking around to find THE product that could help solve my problem.

And guess what!
I actually did find the perfect match, which I’d like to share! ෆ

| Product Info.


#Belif | Moisturizing Lip Bomb (3g / 19,000 won)

Well, this lip BOMB is made out of shea butter.

And there are three flavors: coral / basic / pink .
If you do like to have some colors on your lip, go for pink or coral!
However, as for me, I like to match it with my lipstick that I do prefer the basic one.

The first and the most is all about moisturizing. True.
But, I also care about the texture and scent, as I will be carrying it along with me every day.

First impression of scent is refresh. It smells like lemon sherbet 🍋 , which is a good news for people whose nose are a bit sensitive, like me. Positive.

Texture is kind of glossy, as shown.
But not sticky at all! Thank God!
To prove it, I applied some lip balm on the back of my hand, and sprinkled some scrap papers over it.


The result? Only one scrap paper was left on my hand! lol
Thus, you won’t feel bad after applying it. 🙂

|Investment Points

Now here comes the question.

Is the product itself valuable enough to purchase?

My answer is YES, because:
1 moisturizing is well done. 2 the lip bomb works good with lipsticks!

1 Moisturizing is well done.

This product is super good for moisturizing.
There are two ways to prove it. First by a photo, and second by my honest feelings.
(Just to help you realize the truth for sure, I’ll do both :-))

First comes the photo.
I spent 4hrs inside a really dry condition room.
(Actually it is my work place that is really dry.)
During the 4hrs, I only applied the lip balm twice, just for your information.
The result turns out to be:


Still well moisturized! YAY!

To add more, I actually really feel it that my lips are getting moisturized.
Honestly, I really experienced bad moments with my lip, as it always gets peeled off. Thus always ending up with an unhealthy look.
However, after applying the lip BOMB, never did I go through the same bad situation!

2 The lip bomb works good with lipsticks!

This bomb is a perfect match with lipsticks! If you are addicted to lipsticks, I believe you will also be concerned how to apply your lip balm when you are having your lipstick on. I always experienced a bad moment with my lip balm, when I matched it with my lipstick. After application, it always loses its main function, I mean moisturizing! Ugh..

Interestingly, this lip bomb was still in good condition. You can tell it by the photo!


See the glow? It still shows the glow and so do I feel the moisturizing stuff!
Thus, if you are lipstick lover, I believe this lip balm is indeed a good choice!


Congratulations! 🎉🎉Belif Moisturizing Lip Bomb turns out to be this week’s Soyi’s Pick!!

I do highly recommend the lip bomb to people who have a really dry lip,
and wants to get back the healthy lip look, ASAP.

With no doubt, it became one of my faves, since my purchase. lol

파우치 속 (수정)

So why don’t you get one for yourself!
You will definitely love it! ෆ
xoxo 2017.12.30 Soyi ㅋ_ㅋ

Feel free to leave a comment whatever it may be! I’d love to communicate 🙂